Based on the notes of Aventus by Creed

Zeus is a commanding fragrance that exudes strength and sophistication. At the pinnacle, invigorating notes of pineapple and bergamot join forces with the crispness of black currant and the succulent sweetness of apple, creating an electrifying opening that commands attention.

As the scent matures, the heart reveals a blend of robust birch and earthy patchouli, intertwining with the exotic allure of Moroccan jasmine and the timeless elegance of rose. This nuanced combination strikes a balance between power and refinement, making a statement that lingers in the air.

In its final act, Zeus settles into a mesmerizing base. Musk adds a touch of sensuality, while oak moss lends an earthy depth. Ambergris introduces a marine facet, and the warm embrace of vanille completes the olfactory journey, leaving an indelible impression of power, mystery, and enduring allure. Zeus is a fragrance for those who embody strength with a touch of undeniable charm.

Volume: 55ml

Categories: Perfume For Him