Al Qamar


Arome’s take on Frederic Malle Moon 


This fragrance might not appeal to everyone, especially if you're not acquainted with animalic perfumes or extremely loud notes. It's advisable to refrain from buying it unless you don't sample it or you have experience with such scents.

Step into the celestial allure of Al Qamar, a fragrance that dances with the luminosity of the moon. At the top, the enchanting notes of raspberry, litchi, and saffron paint a vivid and captivating opening, setting the stage for an olfactory journey that unfolds like a lunar melody.

In the heart, Turkish rose, red berries, olibanum, red currant, and violet converge in a harmonious bouquet, evoking the essence of a moonlit garden in full bloom.

As the fragrance deepens, the base notes of agarwood (oud), leather, patchouli, amber, and sandalwood reveal themselves. This celestial composition leaves an indelible and mysterious trail, making Al Qamar an ode to the enchanting beauty of the night. A fragrance that transcends time, Al Qamar is an invitation to bask in the moon's radiant glow.